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Emergency and Last Minute Depositions

We know how crucial it is to get a last-minute reporter to come to your location as soon as possible. Maybe someone forgot to schedule the deposition, perhaps your previously scheduled reporter is out sick, or maybe your circumstances simply presented a need for a deposition on very short notice.

Virtual Reporting

You can call us minutes before your proceeding is scheduled to begin. Instead of wasting valuable time waiting for the court reporter to physically arrive at your location, which could take hours, give us a call, and a virtual reporter will be ready to report your proceeding in minutes! All you need is a laptop and a secure high-speed Internet connection. The virtual reporter will capture the proceedings even though he or she will not be physically in the room with you.

When an emergency arises and you are in need of a court reporter STAT, all you need to do is call our office to request a virtual reporter and within minutes you will be on the record. You will not have to wait or cancel or reschedule your deposition.

Remote Court Reporter

Particularly for areas in West Los Angeles—Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Century City, etc—there is a strong need for court reporters, but the reality of getting a reporter to your location in a timely manner adds an additional burden that has resulted in a significant shortage in the industry. This additional complication is completely avoided by having your court reporter effectively telecommute to your deposition.

We will be happy to meet with you to show you how easy and advantageous our system is.

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