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Court Reporters Unlimited Wants to Network with Your Agency

June 26th, 2019 by admin

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Are you an out-of-area agency looking to expand your network of reporters? Turning away clients or potential clients due to not having any available reporters hurts your agency and offering virtual reporting services may not be the most preferred method of many attorneys. The majority of lawyers need an in-person reporter reporter with them during a hearing. Unfortunately, with the shortage in court reporters, it is becoming more and more challenging to provide reporters to your clients when they need it; this may result in you losing clients and business. That's where we can help. We want to ensure no matter where you are, whether it's Seattle, New York, Texas, or any other state in the United States, you can provide your clients with an in-person reporter when they need it and without turning them away to look for another agency.

We not only provide clients nationwide with a reliable reporter but we also want to partner with other agencies to combat this massive reporter shortage that is hurting many firms as well as delaying trials and negatively impacting the way lawyers do their job. With a partnership with us, you are pooling your resources with ours so that you have a much more extensive database of reporters available across the nation. If you have an out-of-area client with an emergency deposition and no available reporters, you never have to turn them away. Simply contact us, and we can help you find nearby reporters or have one sent directly to your client.

Our reporters are available for any sort of deposition case from worker's compensation, personal injury, business litigation, as well as many other litigation matters. We offer affordable and unbeatable rates, and terms are always negotiable.

Whether you are a client in need of a reporter for your next deposition or an agency looking to expand your connections so that you are never having to turn away business, Court Reporters Unlimited is here to help. We want to partner with your agency to combat the Country's increasing reporter shortage with providing the most trusted and reliable reporters around when you need them, anywhere in the nation.

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