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Never Reschedule a Deposition Again with our Last Minute Depositions Services

May 26th, 2019 by admin

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Few things are more frustrating than having to reschedule a deposition, all because the reporter you hired couldn't make it. One person's tardiness or unavailability now has you scrambling to find a new date that works for everyone else involved. Now you have to hope that the next court reporter you get for the job shows up. All of that is more stress then you need, that is why we have the perfect solution to remove that stress. Never reschedule a deposition again, just because a reporter is unable to make it, with our Emergency and Last Minute Depositions Services.

It doesn't matter if you need a reporter by the end of the day or in a few minutes, we have got you covered. You'll always have a reporter ready to go for your proceedings with our two fantastic options:

  1. Virtual Reporting: Thanks to the conveniences of modern technology you can have a reporter ready to cover your deposition within minutes of calling us. All you need is a laptop and a secure high-speed Internet connection, and the virtual reporter will capture the proceedings.
  2. Remote Court Reporter: How can you get a reporter to cover your deposition, regardless of where you are? Simple, by having your reporter effectively telecommute to your deposition .

By using our services, you can keep your schedule on track and get your deposition started, all without the reporter having to be in the room with you. Don't let a late or absent reporter cause you more stress then you deserve, call Court Reporters Unlimited and never reschedule a deposition again.

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