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The Importance of Court Reporting

November 1st, 2018 by admin

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The job of the court reporter is an important one. During a proceeding, the reporter creates a transcript of the hearing whether spoken or recorded. The importance of capturing a transcript during a case ensures the accuracy of what was said during the hearing, it is used for records kept by the court clerk of the case, and the information can be used for those who are hearing handicapped to be a part of the process. Unfortunately, many look at court reporters as an afterthought when in fact, they are a very crucial piece of any court proceeding.

Every word during a case is vital and evidence needed for the attorneys and prosecutors. Even the simplest sentence or phrase mentioned during the hearing can be the determining factor for the plaintiff or litigant involved. Court reporters are silent and impartial, they acquire the vital verbatim words involved in a case. They are a major staple in the judicial process during a proceeding or deposition.

As an agency, we offer the best and most experienced people that can handle any situation that arises. We also offer transcript storage and retrieval that can be accessed by secured access, and we can print it for you and send it via mail; or if you would like to have an electronic version, let us know.

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